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Welcome to LifeBridge Health, 12,000 give-a-damn human beings dialed in to breaking out of the status quo.

Since 1866, we’ve been bravely serving those in need without bias and we’re still here today changing how care is done.

That doesn’t just mean a few shiny new machines or a fancy new wing. You need equipment, sure. You need knowledge, yes. But you need something more than tubes and technology and a degree.

You need to care.
Really, really care.

You need persistence to see past medical symptoms and treat root causes.

You need empathy to help people as they scale the scariest, the hardest, the most vulnerable moments in their lives.

You need to care like there’s no tomorrow. And then do it again the next day.

That’s the brave new kind of care we’re creating. Every time we scrub in.

Care that sees patients as people and puts people before profits.

Care that enlists science in the service of better lives, families and communities.

Care that means doing the right thing, even when it’s the hard thing.

At LifeBridge Health we see care not as just a service, but a promise to every patient we sit down with.

And then we stand up again to face the mountain together.



Has anyone cared bravely for you? Or have you ever cared bravely for someone else?

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Just like any other disease, the best treatment for violence is prevention. A unique partnership between Safe Streets, an anti-violence organization within the Baltimore City Health Department, and Sinai Hospital is working to break the cycle of violence, one person at a time.
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