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Baltimore Child Abuse Center

A nationally accredited children’s advocacy center serving Baltimore for over 30 years, Baltimore Child Abuse Center (BCAC) is one of the country’s top violence intervention and prevention agencies, aimed at caring for children and family members affected by violence. As the primary advocate for victims and point of contact for child-sensitive investigations and follow-up, BCAC eliminates the lengthy, repetitive, and often traumatic process that previously existed in Baltimore City. BCAC’s activities focus on intervention when abuse is reported, treatment to aid in the healing of survivors and their families, education around recognizing, preventing, and reporting suspicions of abuse, and advocacy at the local, state and national levels. BCAC’s comprehensive services in these areas address the immediate and long-term challenges child sexual abuse and adverse childhood experiences pose to the Baltimore region.

BCAC works with Baltimore City officials and medical personnel to develop a coordinated, child-friendly and time-sensitive response to child sexual abuse and physical maltreatment. Comprehensive 24-hour forensic interviews, medical treatment and mental health services combine to help children impacted by trauma feel safe and hopeful for the future. Caring staff members are available for families 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for sensitive interviews and medical care, with bi-lingual staff available. Each family also is paired with an advocate, who arranges medical care, mental health services, court support and even home visits beyond traditional service hours, providing material needs, like groceries, transportation and emergency housing. Our innovative prevention programs and unique solutions have become even more necessary in the age of COVD-19. 

Adverse childhood experiences include experiencing violence or abuse or observing such events at home or in the community. Witnessing abuse or homicide, being separated from family members due to incarceration, and living with family members with severe mental health issues can lead to future victimization and negative health outcomes. Working to care for and support impacted children, BCAC aims to remove them and their families from the continuity of violence and abuse, help them find justice, and provide the tools to guide them toward a future of healing, of safety, of hope. 

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