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DOVE Domestic Violence

One of the first hospital-based domestic violence programs in Maryland, LifeBridge Health’s DOVE program has helped those affected by domestic and intimate partner violence for more than 15 years. Bedside crisis intervention is provided onsite at Northwest and Sinai Hospitals, with lethality assessment, safety planning and education about safety and legal options. DOVE provides one of the most comprehensive hospital-based domestic violence programs in the state. In addition to immediate support, DOVE Advocates and Social Workers provide ongoing, empowering case management, safety planning, medical support, individual and group counseling, legal assistance, courtroom accompaniment, representation at Protective Order Hearings in Baltimore County, education, and longer-term goal and safety planning. Connections are made to workforce development, along with life-saving shelters and other housing options, even during COVID-19.

The priority for DOVE is to work in partnership with victims of intimate partner abuse to understand options and barriers and support their decision. At Sinai Hospital, pregnant and post-partum women receive essential supplies from clothing to car seats to help them care for their newborns. Survivors are enrolled in a six-week self-defense course to empower them with techniques to protect themselves if faced with a future violent event. DOVE is dedicated to breaking the cycle of controlling and violent behavior in intimate relationships and providing hope for the future.

Services provided include:

  • 24/7 In-person crisis counseling for hospital referrals, including assessing for lethality, planning for safety, education about resources and legal options, and immediate emergency shelter.
  • 24/7 Hotline for four Western Baltimore County Police Precincts calling from the scene of a domestic violence scene in which the victim is at high-risk for being killed. DOVE advocate provides crisis counseling and immediate shelter.
  • DOVE staff engage patients post discharge and victims identified by the police (high-risk as well as those not deemed at high-risk) in services.
  • Ongoing services include: Individual counseling for victims and their children, support group for women, ongoing case management, legal representation for Protective Orders, a Women’s Career Empowerment project, safety assessment and planning for safety, short term emergency shelter, assistance with other basic needs (as funding is available).

To learn more visit lbhstaging22.lifebridgehealth.org/Northwest/NorthwestHospitalDomesticViolenceProgram.aspx