We've moved! The Center for Hope is now located at 5400 Preakness Way, Baltimore MD, 21215. Reach us at 410-601-HOPE.

Kujichagulia Center

Kujichagulia is Swahilii for self-determination. The Center for Hope’s Kujichagulia Center is our case management and working life skills training program for young men and women at risk of violence in Northwest Baltimore City. The Kuji Center assists victims of community violence treated at Sinai Hospital’s Emergency Department or admitted to the hospital’s trauma unit. Sinai Violence Response Team presents alternative paths to violence, offering mentoring, coaching and conflict management skills development. Through the Kujichagulia Skills Readiness Program, many develop successful work proficiencies, receive assistance with legal matters and obtain mental health treatment. The workforce readiness and life skills training prepares clients for internships, apprenticeships and certification programs offered in the Baltimore metropolitan area with the goal of supporting clients as they gain and maintain employment that will provide a livable wage and a life away from violence.