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PAAVE (Pathways to Advocacy Against Violence Every day)

PAAVE provides trauma-sensitive, evidence-based, intensive case management, mental health treatment and meaningful referrals to youth and their families who have been impacted by a youth homicide or a near-fatal incident. All PAAVE services have been designed to reflect the unique experiences of youth and families impacted by community violence. Services have been tailored to meet the needs of youth victims of a violent crime, youth who have experienced a non-fatal shooting, youth who have witnessed a homicide, and youth who have lost a sibling or close family member to homicide.

PAAVE youth participants have weekly client-centered and individualized meetings with their case manager during which the following are assessed and addressed: need, level of school engagement, behavioral change, family conflict, attitude shifts, family involvement, peer relationships, and goals. Case managers and youth will work together to develop a healthy working relationship and safe space to discuss important life decisions, hopes, and goals.

PAAVE identifies the immediate and long-term needs of the client and their family unit. The case manager serves as a link between the families and the programs and services that are in place within Baltimore through meaningful and appropriate referrals and follow up. Referral connection and support can include, but is not limited to: food assistance, job development & assistance, medical support, mental health services, housing assistance, and other support. The goal of PAAVE is to provide intensive support and links to opportunities that will boost youth and family protective factors and prevent further community violence.