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Safe Streets - Belvedere Neighborhood

Our Safe Streets site engages the entire Belvedere community - building relationships that lead to community cohesion and ultimately prevent shootings. Safe Streets Belvedere utilizes a team of Violence Interrupters to sustain previous efforts to eradicate violence by identifying and detecting potential shooting events and identifying and detecting individuals and groups at highest risk of involvement of shooting or killing. The team interrupts potential violence by mediating conflicts and preventing retaliation, changing behaviors and norms of those at highest risk of involvement of shooting or killing and using data to inform daily efforts and make necessary changes to interruption strategies. The Safe Streets Belvedere office serves as a safe space for relationship-building, workforce development, community meetings, and other collaborations for high-risk youth and young adults in the Central Park Heights community. The goal of Safe Streets Belvedere is to shift the trajectory of violence by changing norms within the community. Assets, both people and services, already found within the community enable this work to be successful. Needs and strengths are assessed and then services are provided.