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left quoteThere are so many great things to say about the NICU at Sinai. March 2016, my son Asher was born at only 25 weeks old and weighing 1lb 11oz. It was such a complicated pregnancy and having him 15 weeks early was horrific. Asher immediately received care in the NICU. The doctor's, nurse's, and respiratory therapist were wonderful! I had no clue what to expect, but the staff made me and my family feel at home. They didn't mind answering any questions. I was constantly updated on Asher's progress. When I would visit with my 8 yr old, the nurses would make sure he had something fun to do. The Lactation Consultant Ms. Tina was amazing and so encouraging. The nurses made me feel so comfortable to do his care's when I was scared to touch him. It was never easy making daily trips to the hospital and not being able to take my son home, but knowing that he was in good hands lifted the weight off of my shoulders. Asher will be one on Friday and with all the great care he received he has been thriving ever since! Thanks again and again!right quote

dashShannon R.

left quoteWe came here at our most challenging point as a family. Our little boy was a patient for 4 months and 8 days and the staff were his angels. He got wonderful care and we got wonderful support from everyone. If we had to go through this, we were blessed to have you on our side. Thanks, Sinai NICU from Logan and all of us.right quote

dashRachel H.

left quoteI have the NICU at Sinai to thank for my happy, healthy baby boy Rocky. In 2012 we had a very complicated pregnancy and were advised to terminate numerous times. We were under the care of MFM specialists at Sinai who supported our decision to continue with the pregnancy despite the grim outlook. Our miracle baby came 13wks early and from his first breath had excellent Drs, nurses and specialists caring for him. He was born with some birth defects along with extreme prematurity and the staff used every resource possible to provide him with around the clock care & kept him stable. Not only did they care for him, they also provided us with support to ensure that we were kept up to date on his status & taught us how to care for our fragile child. We lived an hour away and had 3 other children at home and are forever grateful to them for caring for our baby when we couldn't be there. As the time drew closer for us to bring him home the staff made sure we were comfortable with doing all his cares & had us in touch with resources to continue the support at home. The love they have for their jobs show in how they care for our fragile children and us. Over 4yrs later and our son is doing great and has an extended family within the staff at the NICU at Sinai. This pregnancy was a very hard time in our lives but thanks to each and every one of them our son is here to continue his journey.right quote

dashCalley D.