Levindale Grateful Patient Story

Adele and Frank Grayman's Story

Adelea and Frank GraymanMy name is Adele Grayman and my husband, Frank Grayman, is a resident of Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital. It’s hard to imagine that Frank was once an original draftsman who drew building plans for bridges in Vermont, all by hand, no computers, can you imagine? I remember the day everything changed it was like yesterday. It was a windy day, Frank said “I am going for a walk.” I was waiting for him to come back but still no Frank; hour after hour passed. Eventually a neighbor brought him home and said Frank was standing in the middle of the street trying to pick up trash cans that were blown by the wind but he couldn’t—this was the beginning of Frank’s dementia.  I was always afraid of him wandering off or slipping in the tub I would help him get up, he would fall, I would fall it just became too much for me. That’s when we turned to Dr. Julian Jakobovits and Levindale.

Levindale is a community and a neighborhood. Wherever I go, even if I don’t know the people, they all smile and say hello. Every day I meet Frank for lunch to feed him I don’t even have to ask for an update, the staff are already giving it to me before I even get a chance to ask. During Shabbat or the Jewish Holidays a Rabbi comes to do a service and teach, which is special since Frank cannot always come home for the holidays. When Frank is in Levindale, I am relieved because I know he is safe and it gives me a peace of mind knowing that they will always be here for me too. Thank you, Levindale!  

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