Our Animal Residents

Image of a gray cat Image of a cat Image of a fish Image of a cat sitting Levindale Pet Birds

Did you know that some of our residents are as young as three years old, and they fly, play Frisbee and enjoy catnip?

These are the pets — cats, dogs, birds and fish — that also call Levindale home. These animals are part of the "Eden Alternative" philosophy, which strives to make life worth living for every resident and patient. The Eden Alternative fights the three plagues of getting older — loneliness, helplessness and boredom — with companionship, empowerment and spontaneity. That’s where our four-legged, feathered and furry residents come in.

It’s not unusual to walk around a corner and see a resident petting a cat or watching fish swim in a tank. These animals brighten our residents’ days because many people grow up with animals and miss them when they aren’t around.

The residents, patients and staff members on each hall decide which pet they would like to live with them. Together, the group considers factors such as who will feed, clean up after and walk the animals.