Eden Alternative and Neighborhood Model

Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital offers a range of health and home programs for the elderly and disabled. We are dedicated to providing superior service in a warm, caring environment.

As a leader in developing and providing elder care, we are proud to implement the principles of both the "Eden Alternative" and the "Neighborhood Model." Together, these two philosophies turn rigid nursing homes into comfortable, welcoming havens, where residents' desires are the priority.

Eden Alternative
The goal of the Eden Alternative is to create an environment that promotes excitement and the celebration of life — "L’Chaim (To Life)!" Read the 10 principles of the Eden Alternative.

Neighborhood Model
The Neighborhood Model implements homelike living spaces and "neighborhood" amenities, such as a synagogue, boutique and museum, to create a sense of community for all residents.

Benefits include:

  • A homelike setting, with private bedrooms, modern kitchens, fireplaces and floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Daily interaction with animals such as dogs, cats, birds and fish
  • A playground and regular contact with children through school partnerships
  • A greenhouse and garden where residents can plant flowers and vegetables
  • Small groups, or "kibbutzim," to let members become better acquainted
  • Unique dining experiences with restaurant-style choices
  • A synagogue, boutique and museum onsite


Watch Mrs. K share why she loves the care she receives at Levindale.