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Iris Miller

Dear Friends of the Levindale Auxiliary,

Since 1899, the Levindale Auxiliary has been committed to improving the emotional and spiritual needs of our residents- to complement the excellent medical care provided by our great doctors and nursing staff. Covid-19 has presented a whole new level of needs at Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center & Hospital. Residents have been in complete isolation for months. Many of the staff have been furloughed.

Nonetheless, the Levindale Auxiliary has been finding innovative ways to reach out and support our residents and staff.

Thanks to the Audio/Visual upgrades the Auxiliary provided two years ago, the Therapeutic Recreation Department is able to stream Audio and Visual programming to all the residents’ rooms. To enhance this impact, the Auxiliary recently purchased six new iPads and secured the donation of six used iPads for staff to take to residents to facilitate “face time” connections with family and loved ones who cannot interact with them in person.

In addition, several Auxiliary members and supporters have stepped up to provide virtual entertainment, while other members have donated markers, paints, books and art supplies. Donations of these items are always welcome.

During Healthcare week, we recognized the tireless devotion of our hero staff members by sponsoring a pizza lunch/dinner for them.

Finally, thanks to the dedication of the new Chairman of the Board of Levindale, Howard Perlow, we have been able to print dozens of new activity books for the residents to keep their minds active and stimulated.

In this time in the Levindale Auxiliary’s history, when we cannot be with the residents in person, we need your support more than ever to ensure our crucial mission continues.


Iris Miller, President Levindale Auxiliary

About the Levindale Auxiliary and Mission Statement
About and Mission Statement:

Since 1899, the Levindale Auxiliary has been a vital service organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of the elderly and disabled at Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital. The Auxiliary is committed to helping to humanize institutional care. Members go beyond the scope of the excellent medical services provided and address the emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of residents, patients and clients. They provide funding to promote companionship, cultural stimulation and mechanisms, which enable the elderly to maintain their dignity and quality of life.

The Levindale Auxiliary has members from the community who support its mission through membership dues, the Life Membership Program, contribution cards and fundraising events. They support the residents, patients and clients of Levindale and LifeBridge Adult Day Services.

How We Help the Residents...

The Auxiliary funds requests, which range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Examples of its support include:

  • $250,000 gift for the Levindale Auxiliary Sensory Garden
  • Upgrades for Audiovisual for Town Center and inter-television communications
  • Purchased I-pads for residents to communicate with families
  • Pianos and other equipment for special activities
  • Providing Entertainment and Bar-tending at the Happy Hours
  • Providing holiday presents for residents and staff
  • Celebrating Jewish Traditions throughout the year
  • Annual Face-to-Face Intergenerational event
  • Snowball parties
  • Sponsored Outdoor Movie Night
  • Trips to theaters, restaurants, sporting events, concerts and museums, etc.

In addition to knowing that you've made a difference in the lives of frail and lonely elders, members receive our newsletters and invitations to a bi-annual fundraiser.


To get involved, please email us at levindaleauxiliary@lifebridgehealth.org or call the Levindale Auxiliary office at 410-601-2378. You may also order contribution gift cards for any occasion.

Levindale Auxiliary Board
Levindale Auxiliary Officers 2020 - 2022

Executive Board
President, Iris Miller
President’s Mentor, Marcia Bornfriend
V.P. Fundraising, Janine-Marie Boulad
V.P. Special Projects, Jen Erez and Shoshi Stein
V.P. Membership, Yael Schwarzenberger
Corresponding Secretary, Linda Roedel
Recording Secretary, Rochelle Bohrer
Treasurer, Sherri Bauman
Auditor, Lynda Weinstein
Development Adviser, Deverah Routman
Newsletter Chairs, Betsy Narrow and Julia Narrow
Web Chairs, Marla Friedman and Eve Vogelstein
Immediate Past President, Rochelle Bohrer

Board Members
Hindy Abramson
Donna Azman
Linda Berger
Linda Boteach
Maxine Cohen
Esky Cook
Wendy Drazin
Diane Hawk
Judy Janoski
Barbara Levenson
Randy Melnick
Melissa Shnidman
Marcy Wesalo

Sensory Garden and Donor Wall
Sensory Garden and Donor Wall
Sensory Garden and Donor Wall

In June 2012, the Auxiliary donated $250,000 to build the Levindale Auxiliary Sensory Garden.

Designed to awaken all five senses, the sensory garden features beautiful greenery, aromatic flowers, appetizing herbs, tranquil waterfalls, soothing music and colorful lights. Enhancing the entrance to the Levindale campus, the garden gives residents, staff and visitors a place to relax.

In October 2012, The Levindale Auxiliary commissioned world re-known artist David Paul Bacharach, to create our unique floral donor wall. The wall is not only beautiful but also a wonderful way to acknowledge someone special, celebrate a simcha and support the Auxiliary. The donor wall has been such a wonderful inspiration and beautiful way to honor and acknowledge loved ones. Because of the outpouring of support for our Auxiliary, we ran out of space for all our plaques and we needed to enlarge it. In May 2018 at our President’s installation, we were so excited to reveal our new added addition. The new artwork spreads over two walls which will enable more of our supporters to be a part of this meaningful project.

This project is solely a part of The Levindale Auxiliary. These donations — as with all funds raised by the Auxiliary — go directly to the recreation and therapy departments to provide the “extras” that would not otherwise be available to our residents. The Levindale Auxiliary is a fully independent organization that exists solely on contributions from its members and the generosity of people like you.

To keep projects like this blooming, the Levindale Auxiliary Donor Wall recognizes supporters, like you, whose gifts provide services and programs that bring joy, dignity and pride to lives of our residents. The Auxiliary continues to support:

  • Eden Alternative and Neighborhood Model projects and supplies
  • Inter-generational events
  • Theater, restaurant, sporting event, concert and museum trips
  • Buses for activities
  • Mezuzahs and large print library and prayer books
  • Guest bar-tending at Happy Hour with residents
Sensory Garden Donor Wall Gift Opportunities
  • Benefactor: A gift of $3,600 or more
  • Founder: A gift of $1,800 - $3,599
  • Patron: A gift of $1,000 - $1,799
  • Sponsor: A gift of $500 - $999
  • Friend: A gift of $360 - $499

Download the Levindale Auxiliary Donor Wall Brochure (PDF)

Download the Donor Plaque Size Chart Form (PDF)

Payment acceptedOur Auxiliary accepts checks, cash and credit cards. All gifts are tax deductible. For more information, please contact the Auxiliary at 410-601-2378 or levindaleauxiliary@lifebridgehealth.org.

Past Presidents and History

Past Presidents

Yetta Stein
Yetta Stein*
Rosa Legum
Rosa Legum*
Sophie Dopkin
Sophie Dopkin*
Lillian Goldstone
Lillian Goldstone*
Rhea Offit*
Rhea Offit*
Poppy Weiner*
Poppy Weiner*
1945 - 1947
Flo Fineman*
Flo Fineman*
1947 - 1949
Lucille Colliver*
Lucille Colliver*
1949 - 1951
Ruth Marcus Thomas*
Ruth Marcus Thomas*
1953 - 1954
Etta Hornstein*
Etta Hornstein*
1953 - 1955
Teressa Snyder*
Teressa Snyder*
1955 - 1957
Margery Singer*
Margery Singer*
Sylvia Bear*
Sylvia Bear*
1959 - 1961
Frances Schwartz*
Frances Schwartz*
1963 - 1965
Gloria Harris*
Gloria Harris*
1965 - 1967
Sue Kohn
Sue Kohn
1967 - 1969
Trudy Goldman
Trudy Goldman
1969 - 1971
Barbara Sussman
Barbara Sussman
1971 - 1973
Frances Goldstein*
Frances Goldstein*
1973 - 1975
Carole Fradkin
Carole Fradkin
1975 - 1977
Eunice Heyman*
Eunice Heyman*
1977 - 1979
Louise Lebowitz*
Louise Lebowitz*
1979 - 1981
Janet Feinberg
Janet Feinberg
1981 - 1983
Alice Goodman
Alice Goodman
1983 - 1984
Sharon Kushner
Sharon Kushner
1984 - 1986
Ina Feldman
Ina Feldman
1986 - 1988
Marcia Narun
Marcia Narun
1988 - 1990
Irene Sherman
Irene Sherman
1990 - 1992
Wendy Branoff
Wendy Branoff
1990 - 1992
Catherine Max
Catherine Max
1992 - 1993
Linda Hurwitz
Linda Hurwitz
1994 - 1996
Linda Elman
Linda Elman
1996 - 1998
Elissa Ness
Elissa Ness
1998 - 2000
Amy Sloane
Amy Sloane
2000 -2002
Eve Vogelstein
Eve Vogelstein
2002 -2004
Laura Poliakoff
Laura Poliakoff
2004 - 2006
Rina Janet*
Rina Janet*
2006 - 2007
Barbara Hyatt
Barbara Hyatt
2007 - 2008
Sora Greenlinger
Sora Greenlinger
2008 - 2010
Betsy Narrow
Betsy Narrow
2010 - 2013
Betsy Narrow
Ellie Kagan
2013 - 2014
Esther Jacobson
Esther Jacobson
2014 - 2016
Marcia Bornfriend
Marcia Bornfriend
2016 - 2018
Rochelle Bohrer
Rochelle Bohrer
2018 - 2020
Iris Miller
Iris Miller
2020 - 2022


From early Colonial times to the present, Jews have played an important role in the life of Baltimore. Whether in business, the arts or in public service, there was always the undercurrent of caring for the community, a sensitivity for those in need that became the catalyst for today’s Levindale Auxiliary.

The Jewish population in the 1880s increased as immigrants sought to escape the persecution of their native European lands. Although the Hebrew Benevolent Society saw to the needs of a few, it was soon apparent that a new agency was needed to cope with the growing numbers, and in 1890, a small group established the Hebrew Friendly Inn, on Harrison Street near Fayette. When larger quarters were needed, in 1892 it moved to 1153 E. Lombard Street. As some elderly Jewish residents became destitute, several rooms were put aside for their care.

With increasing volumes, volunteers were needed to help with the care of the residents of the Inn. And so, here is how the Auxiliary began, over a hundred years ago.


Presidents: Mrs. Paul S. Levy, Mrs. Selig Seidman, Mrs. Harry B. Wolf

On November 13, 1899, the Ladies Auxiliary Society of the Hebrew Friendly Inn at Lombard Street was organized. They supplied clothing, bed and table linens, dishes and kitchen utensils for the residents’ use.

The Friendly Inn moved again in 1904, this time to Aisquith Street. The Auxiliary was very active in raising funds to finance the purchase, with strawberry festivals and whist parties. The dedication of the Home culminated in a grand ball with entertainment to honor the Ladies Auxiliary Society. Caring for the old was now a permanent policy, and the name was changed to the Hebrew Friendly Inn and Aged Home.

In 1908, Jewish institutions and charitable organizations in East Baltimore consolidated as the United Hebrew Charities. Auxiliaries of the various organizations also consolidated and raised large sums of money for each of the agencies with a large and successful Purim ball at the Fifth Regiment Armory.


Presidents: Mrs. Moses Rubin, Mrs. Getzel Levenson, Mrs. D. Glyder, Mrs. Wolf Becker, Mrs. William Ribakow, Mrs. Herman Puretz

A separate auxiliary for the institution was again deemed advisable, and was organized under the leadership of Mrs. Moses Rubin. As adjoining buildings of the Inn were acquired to accommodate the sick and chronically ill, that part became the Hebrew Home for Incurables, with its own ladies auxiliary and Mrs. William A. Ribakow as its president. Mrs. Wolf Becker was president of the Hebrew Home for the Aged.

In time, with some of the buildings that housed the aged, infirm and "incurables" deteriorating, consolidation of the two institutions became necessary, and the residents were moved to the current Levindale site at Belvedere and Greenspring Avenues. Both auxiliaries were merged and became known as the Ladies Auxiliary of the Hebrew Home for the Aged and Infirm at Levindale. Its first president was Mrs. Herman Puretz.


Presidents: Yetta Stein, Rosa Legum, Sophie Dopkin

In addition to continuing its former activities of supplying kitchen and household necessities and clothing, the Auxiliary was now involved in occupational therapy (with training received at Sinai Hospital), recreation and patient welfare. ­ Occupational therapy included knitting, weaving mats and making baskets. ­ Recreational activities included lay and professional entertainment and festivals. ­ Patient welfare included interior decorating, enhancing patient rooms, arranging weekly outings and making personal contact with the residents.


Presidents: Lillian Goldstone, Rhea Offit, Peppy Weiner, Flo Fineman

The Auxiliary furnished the newly decorated Macht Nurses Home. ­ Mrs. Goldstone began the Retention Dues Committee and earned an outstanding record for collecting past dues. ­ World War II created personnel shortages, and 60 to 70 Auxiliary women became Volunteer Nurses Aides. ­ Refurnishing the Home was a major project.

The Auxiliary president was invited to participate in Levindale Day ceremonies. ­ War efforts continued, with donations of packages to USO and Volunteer Nurses Aides. ­ Levindale residents harvested a Victory Garden. ­ An office for the Auxiliary was opened, and residents published a newsletter.

The Auxiliary completely furnished an Occupational Therapy Department. ­ Musical therapy and a resident-operated tailor shop were introduced. ­ The Nurses Home got its first TV set. ­ The Auxiliary president instituted weekly tours for Auxiliary officers to establish personal contact with residents in the Home.


Presidents: Lucille Colliver, Ruth Thomas, Etta Hornstein, Teresa Snyder, Margery Singer Dannenberg

A mobile library cart was started, and the first Occupational Therapy course sponsored by the Auxiliary began. ­ The Auxiliary hired its first full-time secretary. ­ A residents’ beauty parlor was established. ­ The group joined the Maryland Association of Hospital Auxiliaries. ­ The Candy Kitchen opened. ­ The Auxiliary funded a ceramics program and equipment for Occupational Therapy. ­ The Sewing Committee took special orders for maids’ aprons.

The Ladies Auxiliary took over the Men’s Board Visiting Committee and expanded the service to include all residents. ­ Funding activities began for remodeling the synagogue. ­ The Candelabra Room was dedicated. ­ Straw hats were worn at the Village Fair for the first time. ­ The Baking Group was added to the Candy Kitchen. ­ Auxiliary volunteer pins were designed and presented for the first time. ­ The first director of Volunteers was hired.

The new synagogue was dedicated. ­ The Welcoming Committee was established as a branch of the Visiting Committee. ­ Monday night Bingo for Infirmary patients and live Wednesday night entertainment pleased the residents.

The Junior Volunteer Program was established, and the first issue of the Levindale Light was published. ­ Advice columnist Ann Landers was the guest for a paid-up membership meeting.


Presidents: Sylvia Bear, Ethel Weiss, Frances Schwartz, Gloria Harris, Sue Kohn

The Special Feeding Committee helped residents unable to feed themselves. ­ Distinctive gift cards were printed for the first time in 1959, using sketches designed and donated by local artists. ­ Auxiliary volunteers staffed the canteen in the Klaff Recreation Room.

The Burk Building was dedicated in 1962. ­ Volunteer smocks were changed to pinafores. ­ Boxes of artificial greens were placed in various areas throughout the Home. ­ It rained both years of the Village Fair during the presidency of Ethel Weiss, necessitating a Herculean move indoors.

The Volunteer Bake Shop was in full operation with large chocolate cakes going for $2.25. ­ A membership drive yielded 300 new members. ­ Pearls were added to the volunteer pins, indicating hours of service. ­ The Village Fair became an all-day affair, attracting husbands and children. ­ New member orientation meetings were held. ­ Levindale staffers and Men’s Board members were invited to speak at Auxiliary board meetings. ­ The Sheltered Workshop was started in 1964.

Membership totaled 4,500 women. ­ "Friend Raising Tours" were given to outside groups in order to showcase Levindale. ­ The Auxiliary published Relatively Speaking for families of residents. ­ Volunteers led discussion groups. ­ The 1968 Village Fair raised $12,350. ­ The Store, later renamed The Gift Shop, was stocked and staffed by the Auxiliary.


Presidents: Trudy Magarill, Barbara Sussman, Frances Goldstein, Carole Fradkin, Eunice Heyman

Dial-A-Member effort brought in 500 new members. ­ The Auxiliary refurbished the Kahn and Stein Buildings, and donations brought in new hospital beds, furniture, wallpaper, and other items. ­ With 7,500 members, the Auxiliary became the largest organization in the Maryland Association of Hospital Auxiliaries ­ The Village Fair had over 500 volunteers and 3,000 attendees.

The Auxiliary funded an outdoor patio and built-in grill, fans and window air conditioners. ­ The Multi-Purpose Room on the Aged side was refurbished and refurnished.

Lobby and executive offices were redecorated. ­ Hurwitz House opened and was decorated by the Auxiliary and staffed by volunteers. ­ Professional beauticians staffed the beauty shop.

The Auxiliary office moved from the Kahn-Levy Building. ­ The Bake Shop, the Levindale Sewing Ladies and the Junior Volunteers were very active. ­ The first Adult Day Care Center was established at Levindale.

The name was changed to Levindale Auxiliary, and men were now allowed to join. ­ Levindale celebrated 50 years at its present location. ­ Chocolate cakes were now $3.25. ­ A car was donated and raffled for a profit of $21,000.


Presidents: Louise Leibowitz, Janet Feinberg, Alice Goodman, Sharan Kushner, Ina Feldman

The Levindale Cookbook was printed. ­ Funding for activities continued. ­ Residents attended ball games, theaters and concerts.

The synagogue in the Stein Building was refurbished. ­ "Aloha Levindale," a three-day Hawaiian vacation, came to Levindale. ­ The Levindale Village Fair was replaced with "The Fair, Fashion Show and Luncheon."

The Auxiliary furnished a family room for the Hospice Program. ­ A tapestry, designed by Sadye Sklar and handcrafted by Auxiliary members, was dedicated. It took six years to complete and was hung in the Schwaber Multi-Purpose Room.

The Gift Shop was updated and became profitable with a paid part-time manager. ­ The Auxiliary donated its first specially equipped bus. ­ The Auxiliary president began to attend monthly Levindale staff meetings.

The Thrift Shop, previously for residents only, increased the Auxiliary’s income by opening its doors to the community. ­ Mezuzahs were placed on each doorpost in the Belvedere Building.


Presidents: Marcia Narun, Wendy Branoff, Irene Sherman, Catherine Max, Linda A. Hurwitz, Linda S. Elman, Elissa B. Ness

"Shop ‘Til You Drop" was introduced as a successful fundraiser. ­ The Welcoming Committee was re-established and a new fund for the Large Print Library was established. ­ The Auxiliary made plans to provide Levindale Hospital with a $100,000 gift on its 100th Anniversary, in 1990. ­ The Auxiliary donated a second specially equipped bus.

The new Levindale facility opened in November 1990 and the Auxiliary moved to new, larger quarters. ­ The Gift and Thrift Shops moved to more prominent locations off the new lobby. ­ The Auxiliary became incorporated and new by-laws were written. ­ The Auxiliary donated the third specially equipped bus.

"Adventures in Literature," a book club with residents and Auxiliary members, was initiated. ­ The Auxiliary donated the fourth specially equipped bus. ­ The Auxiliary Ad Pad was developed and became a profitable fundraising tool.

The Auxiliary began its Cooperative Activities Program bringing together Auxiliary members and their families with residents and their families. ­ The annual "Face-to Face" event was initiated, as was the "Thanks-for-Giving" program. ­ The highly successful spring fundraiser, "A Night at the Races," maximized profits as a result of the Weinberg Matching Challenge Grant.

The Auxiliary office was totally computerized with state-of-the art technology. ­ Life Memberships were offered fort the first time and 112 Charter Life Members were honored in the Schwaber Multi-Purpose Room. ­ Levindale and Sinai Hospital merged. ­ Mezuzahs were placed on every door at Levindale.

The Junior Membership Program was initiated. ­ Levindale became part of LifeBridge Health, and the Levindale Auxiliary began joint ventures with the Sinai and Northwest Hospital Auxiliaries.

A "Won-to-Won affair for former Levindale board chair and Auxiliary financial officer, Betty L. Waghelstein, garnered over $20,000 to benefit Levindale residents. Highlights included a dinner, basketball sensation Tamir Goodman, Spinny Johnson and sessions with pros in personal training, Tae Bo exercise, golf and ping-pong. The event was held at the home of Linda and Steven Hurwitz.


Presidents: Amy Sloane, Eve Vogelstein, Laura Poliakoff, Rina Janet, Barbara Hyatt, Sora Greenlinger, Betsy Narrow

Our new millennium continued on with the introduction of "Companion Radio." Thanks to the $25,000 gift from the Auxiliary presented during the Auxiliary’s Annual fundraiser, Levindale and JC&NH residents were able to enjoy the music and comedy shows of their youth whenever they please. The radio provided four stations of programming for residents, 24 hours a day. On May 7, 2002, at the Auxiliary’s spring fundraiser, “Remembering the Past, Building the Future," a check was presented to Ron Rothstein, President & COO of Levindale, in the amount of $100,000 to benefit the Eden Alternative Program at Levindale. Our "Wine and Dine for Levindale" was a smashing success honoring John Abosch, immediate past Chairman of the Board of Levindale. Spinny Johnson from the Harlem Globetrotters entertained our residents and Junior Auxiliary with his dynamic ball spinning and trick shot artistry. Passover was enjoyed with our Auxiliary families at the child-conducted Seders. "Pets on Parade" was started. Animals of all sizes came to parade around the halls to entertain the residents. A horse, goat and many large dogs visited the Jewish Convalescent and Nursing Home as well as Levindale. Five new beautiful contribution cards were designed to update our fundraiser. Beautiful scarves and hats were distributed to the residents at Levindale and JC&NH for Chanukah. A $25 gift certificate was also presented to all the employees during holiday time. The Annual Face-to-Face Carnival was started. Popcorn, snowballs, cotton candy, carnival games, caricatures, prizes and large stuffed animals were enjoyed by residents, families and Auxiliary members. Eve’s daughter, Claire, made videos to showcase the Auxiliary events. The spring "Ways of Pleasantness" fundraiser honoring the memory of Rabbi Jacob Pearlmutter, grandparents of Eve Vogelstein. Kathy Shapiro was honored and the event was held at beautiful Alto Dale. A chance to win one million dollars was offered at their casino night. The event raised $68,000. The Auxiliary collected over 1000 Rosh Hashanah cards that were made by children in the community. The cards were distributed to all the residents as well as the kosher meals on wheels. The Levindale Auxiliary web page was born under the tutelage of Eve Vogelstein and email correspondence begun.


Presidents: Ellie Kagan, Esther Jacobson, Marcia Bornfriend, Rochelle Bohrer, Iris Miller

Upcoming Events & Membership

Upcoming Auxiliary Events

Upcoming Auxiliary Sales

  • Merchandise Certificates available to Gifts by Gilda, Polovoy Custom Cleaners, Linwoods, and Quarry Wine & Spirits.

The Auxiliary welcomes you to join us and the residents for a variety of fun-filled activities.

Any questions? Call our office at 410-601-2378 or email us.

Levindale Auxiliary membersMembership in the Levindale Auxiliary is open to everyone. YOU can make a difference in the lives of Levindale residents! Be the first to hear about monthly meetings, activities and exciting fundraisers. We’ll keep you up to date with our newsletter and email reminders.

If you’d like to donate your time, we are always looking for new ideas and volunteers. Support the Auxiliary with your smile, your donation or just a little bit of your time. It’s such a good feeling!

We are very excited to offer a credit card option (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) for Auxiliary payments of at least $10. Whether paying for donation cards/letters, annual membership dues or a Sensory Garden Charter Membership, now you can simply call the office, 410-601-2378, and you’re done.

Annual membership is $36. Our "Join for Life!" Life membership is just $360.


Join the Levindale Auxiliary!#



Order a personalized card to honor someone special or celebrate a birthday, anniversary, graduation, bar or bat mitzvah, a speedy recovery or any other occasion. The Auxiliary will mail your card for free and use your donation to enrich the lives of Levindale’s residents.

Choose from the following designs:

General Contribution Card, Loving, Caring, Compassion, and Dignity
General Contribution Card
$5 (5 for $20)
"Loving, Caring Compassion and Dignity"
Trips and Treats Fund, Nourishing Mind, Body, and Soul
Trips and Treats Fund
$5 (5 for $20)

"Nourishing Mind, Body and Soul"
Customer Letter Head
Custom Print Letter $10

Sensory Garden Collection

Levindale Auxiliary Card
Custom Print
Levindale Auxiliary Card
Custom Print
Levindale Auxiliary Card
Custom Print
$36, $50, and above

To place an order, simply call the Auxiliary office at 410-601-2378.

We accept credit cards.We now accept credit cards.

If you would like to make an additional contribution click here.

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Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our residents!

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Faye Brand
Office Administrator
Levindale Auxiliary
2434 W. Belvedere Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21215

AmazonSmile is a simple way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you. AmazonSmile is available at smile.amazon.com on your web browser and can be activated in the Amazon Shopping app for iOS and Android phones.

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