The LifeBridge Health Compliance Program

No matter what your role is at LifeBridge Health, you should take great pride in the uncompromising commitment we have to provide the highest quality health care experience for people in all stages of life. This involves a personal commitment to do the right thing at all times, and in all situations, regardless of whether someone is watching. At LifeBridge Health, EVERYONE is responsible for compliance and for speaking up when something isn't right.

The LifeBridge Health Compliance Program is designed to educate and assist all employees on the prevention, detection, and steps to report violations of the LifeBridge Health Code of Conduct and Federal, State or local laws.

The LifeBridge Health Code of Conduct serves as a guide to ethical conduct for all representatives of LifeBridge Health, including employees, members of the boards of directors, officers of the corporations, members of the medical staffs, volunteers, and the vendors we do business with.

The LifeBridge Health Compliance Team

Laura Callahan
Chief Compliance Officer
Monica Hendrix
Director, Institutional Compliance
Margaret Henry
Director, Provider Compliance
Darlene Skinner
Privacy Officer
Call the Privacy Hotline at


Lauren Polk
Compliance Auditor, Institutional Compliance
Susan Hammond
Manager, Institutional Compliance
Sonja Goss
Manager, Provider Compliance
Ebony Jones
Senior Provider Compliance Auditor
Decodia Williams
Administrative Coordinator
Trina Ramsey
Provider Compliance Auditor
Sherrell L. Williams
Provider Compliance Auditor
Melissa Ashe
Provider Compliance Auditor

Reporting Compliance Concerns

If You See Something, Say Something!

What Do I Report?

You have a duty to report compliance concerns.

The Compliance Department promptly investigates all concerns, and every attempt will be made to protect your confidentiality.
Protection is offered to those who report “in good faith”. Retaliation is prohibited

Click here for examples of things to report



Have you identified a situation that you believe is a violation of a law, regulation, policy, procedure or the Code of Conduct?



Do you have a suspicion that something that you have been asked to do or something that you have witnessed just doesn’t seem right?



Don’t look the other way!
Report it.

Who Do I Tell?


Talk to your manager or supervisor


Call the anonymous Compliance Hotline:


Call the Privacy Hotline at

The LifeBridge Health Compliance Hotline

The Compliance Hotline is a confidential way for employees or other interested parties to report or seek guidance on possible compliance issues and is operated by an independent, 3rd-party. The Compliance Hotline is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What to expect when you call the Compliance Hotline:

While you may call anonymously, your confidentiality will be protected to the fullest extent possible if you do provide your name.

You will be asked a series of standard questions by the hotline representative. All compliance-related concerns will be investigated, so please include as many specifics as possible.

The Compliance Hotline representative sends a report to the LifeBridge Health Compliance Department, who reviews the report and determines if it should be investigated by the Corporate Compliance Program, or by a different, more appropriate department. For example, if the concern was not compliance-related, rather Human Resources (HR) related, the concern may be forwarded to HR for investigation.

For general compliance questions please click here to email our Compliance Department. To anonymously report potential compliance-related concerns, call the Compliance Hotline at 1-844-732-6233 or file a confidential report online.