Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing

FutureCare logoThe partnership between LifeBridge Health and FutureCare ensures that patients who have sought short-term rehabilitation and nursing care will be able to access follow-up care within the LifeBridge Health physician network.


FutureCare Services

■ Rehabilitation Services

Senior man training with exercise band assisted by physiotherapist

Short stay rehabilitation – VitalStrong: VitalStrong programs provide state-of-the-art, comprehensive clinical and rehabilitation services to those recovering from a stroke, orthopedic surgery, cardiac surgery or other complex medical procedure. FutureCare’s goal is to get you back home faster and feeling stronger.

Orthopedic rehabilitation – WalkStrong: This program offers physical, occupational and speech therapies for those who are recovering from fractures, hip or knee replacements, spinal injuries, and other traumatic incidents that impact strength, balance and mobility. The program is run by a physiatrist (a doctor specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation).

Cardiac rehabilitation – HeartStrong: In this program, a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurse practitioners, therapists and other clinical specialists work together to improve each patient’s overall cardiovascular health using progressive technology and strong, fundamental rehabilitation techniques.

Pulmonary rehabilitation – BreatheStrong: Our in-house respiratory team consults with a LifeBridge Health pulmonologist to provide an individualized rehab program focused on education, energy conservation, better breathing, and overall strength and conditioning to get you back home as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive Amputation Management Program – CAMPStrong: Our experienced rehab and nursing staff are specially trained to work with amputees using specific modalities. Staff members specialize in wound care and have a comprehensive prosthetics and orthotics program. CAMPStrong is available at the Old Court location.

■ Dialysis

In-house dialysis centers are located in eight FutureCare facilities. FutureCare Lochearn and FutureCare Courtland both have centers serving the LifeBridge Health community.

■ Ventilator services

FutureCare is the largest provider of skilled ventilator services in Maryland.

LifeBridge Health partners with FutureCare at the following locations (
call for location hours): Man on treadmill


4800 Seton Drive
Baltimore, MD 21215
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Phone: 410-358-3410

Old Court

5412 Old Court Road
Baltimore, MD 21133
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Phone: 410-922-3200


12020 Reisterstown Road
Reisterstown, MD 21136
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Phone: 410-833-3801


7920 Scotts Level Road
Baltimore, MD 21208
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Phone: 410-521-3600

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