Sustainability Council

The goal of the Sustainability Council is to drive environmentally focused, sustainable projects and practices across the system. This includes identifying and promoting activities or improvements that impact the environment that we, our patients, and our communities live in.

What is the Sustainability Council currently working on?
LifeBridge Health is hoping to roll out its first major project, the Green Certification, to link in with the system Print Redux program. In addition to driving activities around this project, other opportunities include:

  • Expanded access to local and sustainable foods
  • Diverted recycling from landfills or incineration
  • Conserved energy consumption
  • Internal and external mission engagement

Does your department have a Sustainability Champion?
We’re looking for champions to represent their departments in Sustainability Council activities and drive department-wide activities. This includes:

  • Spreading awareness of the mission
  • Identifying opportunities within your department
  • Coordinating activities with your department’s leadership
  • Engaging colleagues in the various programming activities your department takes on through the Certification program
  • Representing and reporting on successes and barriers to the Council
  • Periodically joining Sustainability Council meetings

Contact or to become a champion within your department.

Is your department Green Certified?

The purpose of this program is to increase awareness and augment sustainable practices in shared workspaces throughout the hospital. Follow these 5 steps:

  • Step 1 – Acquaint yourself with the nuts and bolts of the Green Certification program
  • Step 2 - Sustainability Champion to work within their shared workspace to identify and adopt sustainable actions using the How-to Guide
  • Step 3 – Sustainability Champion to report out initiatives in place via the Green Certification Form  
  • Step 4 – Form submission review and validation
  • Step 5 – Sustainability Champion and department to receive recognition (ranging from bronze to platinum) for their important efforts and participate in an awards event!

Do you have thoughts or ideas on what we should be working on? Do you have any success stories or barriers you’d like to discuss at the next meeting? Please send along your thoughts to

Upcoming Events & Programs:

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  • When and Where? Associates and community members are invited to join us from 6:30-11:30am at Pimlico Lot and Northwest Hospital’s K-Lot.
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