Northwest Hospital Teen Volunteer Program

Northwest Hospital has an active Teen Volunteer Program! The program is divided into two different programs: the Summer High School Volunteer Program and a school-year internship program.
Summer High School Volunteer Program
The application process for the Summer 2022 Teen Volunteer Program is now closed.

Program requirements

Students are expected to perform at least 75 volunteer hours before their program ends. Hospital volunteering follows strict guidelines and there are many steps to the volunteer application and onboarding process. An application, interview, health screen forms and mandatory orientation must be completed in order to volunteer at Northwest Hospital.

Students are expected to wear their assigned Northwest Hospital polo shirt or smock along with khaki pants, closed-toe shoes and their volunteer badge. Students are required to sign in and out for each of their volunteer shifts.

A certificate with your total number of volunteer hours will be mailed to you at the end of the program, after you have returned your badge.

School Year Internship

The application process for the Fall 2021 Internship Program is now closed.

Please check back at a later date for information regarding the Fall 2022 Internship Program.