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“Dr. Mont has replaced my two hips and reconstructed my worn-out resurfaced hip. He's such a great surgeon and tops it off with his knowledge and accessibility to help and answer questions after surgery. He cares for his patients. Makes everything as easy as possible. He's the Best.”


Michael A. Mont, M.D., F.A.A.O.S., is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon who has over 30 years of experience with complex hip and knee reconstructive surgery. He returns to the Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics after serving as Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for Orthopedic Surgery for Northwell Health and Joint Reconstruction System Chief and attending orthopedic surgeon at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. Prior to his time in New York, he served as Chairman for the Orthopaedic Department at the Cleveland Clinic. Formerly, he was the Director of the Rubin Institute’s Center for Joint Preservation and Replacement and the Institute’s Co-Founder.

Dr. Mont has performed more than 15,000 joint replacements, and he receives requests from around the globe to provide consultations for patients who have complex orthopedic cases. He specializes in joint preservation, replacements and revisions and hip resurfacings. Dr. Mont performs the most difficult hip and knee replacements. He has become known as the reconstructive surgeon of last resort as he is sent cases from across the country and around the world that other surgeons are reluctant to attempt.

Dr. Mont is also a world-recognized leading authority in the field of avascular necrosis (AVN), which is also known as osteonecrosis (ON). He is author of over 1,100 peer-reviewed publications and has received over 150 government and industry grants. Over his last 30 years of practice, he has helped to revolutionize the treatment protocol for AVN, mastering joint-saving procedures using patient’s own stem cells with core decompressions, percutaneous drillings and bone graftings.

Dr. Mont’s career continues in academics as an active, life-long member of the Knee Society, Hip Society and the National Osteonecrosis Foundation. He is soon to be Editor In-Chief (January 2022) of the highly esteemed joint replacement journal, Journal of Arthroplasty. He believes that participation in education and research are excellent ways to stay relevant in this ever-evolving field, and that this has been fundamental to his success as a surgeon.

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Philosophy of Care

Dr. Mont strongly believes that healthcare should be a full-team approach with the patient at the center of the team. He is committed to providing education so that his patients are well informed. He and his team are highly accessible; every patient he has operated upon is given his cell phone number.

Although Dr. Mont is an orthopedic surgeon, he utilizes the latest medications, techniques and tools available to delay the need for joint replacement as long as possible. He exhausts all non-operative treatment options before recommending surgery. If surgical intervention is the best option, Dr. Mont and his team provide the patient and his or her immediate family with a full description of the procedure, the risks and potential complications, as well as a thorough explanation of the post-surgical rehabilitation process.


Dr. Mont earned his medical degree at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He was a resident and intern at Mount Sinai Hospital and Medical Center in New York, and he completed fellowship training at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

More Information

As much as Dr. Mont loves orthopedics, medicine, education and research, he is the first to say his first loves are his wife, Rhonda, and their four children. One of his hobbies is conchology, the study of seashells. He is president of the Molluscan Science Foundation, a venture dedicated to protecting and preserving our rapidly deteriorating coral reef system. He and his wife also enjoy collecting art deco powder compacts and antique perfume bottles and traveling to tradeshows to learn about these rare collectors’ items. In addition, he has published multiple books on these hobbies.


Sinai Hospital of Baltimore Schoeneman Building, 5th Floor
2401 W. Belvedere Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215
Northwest Hospital Orthopedic Suite, Main Floor
5401 Old Court Road
Randallstown, MD 21133

Telemedicine video visits are also available.

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