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The Rubin Institute: Changing Lives One Patient at a Time

The doctors at the Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics are the best in their field and make a critical difference in the lives of our patients. But don't take our word for it. Hear directly from our satisfied patients:

Gavin with a cat

Testimonial for Dr. Michael Assayag from Grateful Patient, Gavin

Dr. Assayag and his team have restored my faith in modern medicine. You can tell he truly cares about your health, and his office operates like a well-oiled machine. These two things are impossible to find in medicine today. His leadership skills are immediately obvious the moment you interact with anyone on his team. He is extremely easy to contact as well with any follow up questions. I cannot say enough good things about this man.

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Stephen Bell, M.D.

Dr. Stephen Bell

Testimonial for Dr. Stephen Bell from a Grateful Patient

I found Dr. Bell to be extremely professional. I have been uncertain about having knee surgery for several years, but after a referral from a friend, I met with Dr. Bell. His bedside manner, questions about why I wanted the surgery, helped me to make my decision. I chose to let Dr. Bell and his team perform my surgery. I would recommend Dr. Bell…. He is professional, understanding, and patient-oriented.

Cooper McCloud playing football

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Testimonial for Dr. Craig Bennett and Samuel Thompson, LAT, ATC, from Kristye, a Patient’s Mother

I just wanted to share with you both [this] photo of Cooper from a previous game. He has been in full beast mode this season, and it's due to your amazing work. Thank you for taking such great care of him during both of his ACL injuries. We are truly blessed to have you in his life.

Andre having his ankle wrapped

A Patient Story and Testimonial: Andre for Dr. Christopher Bibbo

Andre broke his ankle when a step stool collapsed under him. He had bad post-traumatic arthritis and pain killers were not giving him much relief. The outside was healing, but not the inside, he explained. When asked how he would describe his experience being treated by Dr. Bibbo, he said, Excellent–he explained everything and answered a lot of question as to why I was having the problems I was having. After doing X-rays and seeing everything, it all makes sense now. That’s what he did; he made it all make sense to me, as opposed to just saying, ‘Ok, you need an ankle replacement.’

Dr. Bibbo explained why Andre was an excellent candidate for a total ankle replacement, and since Andre had the procedure, his ankle is now healing well. Andre shared he is especially looking forward to getting back to his 5 AM walks with Kruz, his pet Rottweiler.

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A Patient Story and Testimonial: Sue for Dr. Janet Conway

Sue standing with Dr Janet ConwaySue in her car that has adaptive hand controlsSue baking cookies

Because of Dr. Conway, she has her leg, Lori said during one of her mother Sue’s check-up visits. Sue explained that in 2014, she started to notice her ankle was swelling. After testing for clots didn’t show any problems, Sue had a CAT scan that detected a tumor in her thigh muscle. The tumor was removed, and then Sue underwent six radiation treatments. Later, while out shopping, her leg gave out and she fell, fracturing her femur (thigh bone). A rod was put in her leg, but the wound would not heal. Her doctors began questioning if her leg could be saved.

Sue was referred to Dr. Conway for her expertise in fighting infection. Dr. Conway planned to clean out the infection, but during surgery she discovered that the radiation had caused the bone to deteriorate and a lot of the bone was dead. Very little of Sue’s femur remained. Dr. Conway took out the existing rod, and had to put a new rod in that extended from Sue’s hip to her shin. This left Sue unable to bend her knee due to the rod, but her leg was saved, and she still had use of her hip and her foot. Sue began intensive oral and IV antibiotic and hyperbaric oxygen treatments and eventually her wound healed.

Lori says that during that treatment period, Any time we had concerns or questions, I was able to text Dr. Conway directly. It was very comforting and helped us get answers quickly to things that couldn’t wait. She was very timely in responding. It was great.

Today, Sue is proud of her independence and her ability to keep up with her three great-grandchildren. While she can no longer work as a hairdresser, her career for fifty years, she reports that she gets around well with her walker. I’m still independent—I cook, clean, do the laundry. I decorated for Christmas. I just can’t get on a ladder or drive. At a visit in early 2018, she mentioned she was going to look into getting special adaptive hand controls for her car so she could eliminate one of those limitations. A year later, she succeeded, and she is now able to drive her van.

Sue concludes, I’m always telling people to come to Dr. Conway for bone and infection issues. I praise her very much. She has been a godsend to me.

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Ronald E. Delanois, M.D.

Dr. Ronald Delanois

A Testimonial from Marcie for Dr. Ronald Delanois

When asked how her life has improved as a result of getting a knee replacement by Dr. Delanois at the Rubin Institute, Marcie has one very short but important answer: The ability to walk without pain! Marcie describes her experience with the Center for Joint Preservation and Replacement office as First class…from the time I called for my first appointment. I felt that everyone heard exactly what I was saying--and treated me as if I were the only patient in the office. I have spoken to many people with my same condition-and have referred Dr. Delanois and his team with the utmost confidence and certainty. …I couldn't be happier, more grateful, and/or more pleased with the entire process and the end result!

Dr. John Herzenberg smiling with his patient NiamhNiamh holding a baseball hat

Testimonial for Dr. John Herzenberg from Lauren, a Patient’s Mother

I can, hand on heart, say that Dr. Herzenberg is the most wonderful, dedicated, thorough doctor I have ever come across, and I am a pediatrician, so I have come across many wonderful doctors in my time. I was continually astounded by the level of care and commitment he and his team have shown us. (Renee, his PA, is also incredible and always SO quick in sorting any issues out or replying to us.) He has gone above and beyond for our daughter and I could not be any happier with his standard of care.

Dr. Herzenberg is an incredibly skilled surgeon. During treatment, Niamh had a rare complication which caused peroneal nerve palsy and did not respond to stopping turns on the frame. This had the potential to prematurely end her leg lengthening journey. I immediately began trawling every scientific paper I could find on treatment of peroneal nerve injury during limb lengthening (which is a very niche subject). I was able to find one paper which detailed surgical treatment of it and the potential to carry on lengthening depending on the result.... Can you imagine my delight when I discovered the lead author was Dr Herzenberg! He performed the surgery on Niamh, (requiring very specialist microsurgical skills, all without a tourniquet--another testament to his skill), and thankfully all was successful, and we were able to continue our lengthening journey.

Throughout our journey we encountered some setbacks, however each time Dr Herzenberg and his team took the time to discuss our options with us, and all worked together to ensure the very best outcome for Niamh.

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Philip K. McClure, M.D.

Dr. Philip McClure

Testimonial for Dr. Philip McClure from a Grateful Mother of a Patient

Dr. McClure is an amazing and talented orthopedic specialist. He is knowledgeable, patient, caring, understanding, funny, and most importantly honest. He knows bones and keeps parents and children informed of everything at all stages of the game. My son had a very serious and complicated injury that Dr. McClure treated and avoided surgery. We need more doctors like Doctor McClure. I am forever grateful for the wonderful team at the Rubin Institute that took care of my son for many weeks, especially Dr. McClure.

A Patient Story and Testimonial: Barb for Dr. Michael Mont

Barb standing with Dr. Michael Mont outside while wearing pants that have her hip x-ray printed on them

Barb is an accomplished bicycle rider from New Jersey who came to the Rubin Institute seeking a solution for her hip pain that would help her get back on the road. An athlete all her life, she was a member of the U.S. Whitewater Team and a marathon runner before she switched to biking as a low impact outlet for her competitive side. She joined the Century Road Club of America in 1990 and raced at the club level for over two decades. After X-rays by a local orthopedic specialist, she received a definitive diagnosis of osteoarthritis of the hip. Before my surgery, I walked with a limp and after a day on my feet, could hardly function to get dinner on the table, Barb shared. I knew it was time to get it fixed when I could no longer swing my leg up over my top tube to get on my bike, without laying the bike over!

I spoke to my brother-in-law, who is an orthopedist in Pennsylvania, to ask his opinion on who I should see about hip-resurfacing, she said. He told me, ‘Go see Michael Mont at Sinai in Baltimore. He teaches other surgeons how to do the procedure. If he’s not the best in the country, he’s the best on the east coast.’ Dr. Mont met with Barb and advised her that she was a strong candidate for resurfacing.

Within three weeks of surgery, Barb was soft-pedaling her bike on an indoor trainer. Six weeks after surgery, Barb rode nine miles to her first post-op physical therapy appointment (much to the surprise of her therapist!). She eased back into road riding, gradually increasing distance and effort. She began racing again in time trials with her club just ten weeks after surgery and at six months postop, Barb and her husband rode from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C. in five days, averaging around 75 miles a day. Barb has since referred her sister and other family and friends to Dr. Mont for treatment, and they are equally thrilled with the results.

James Nace, D.O., M.P.T.

Dr. James Nace

Testimonial for Dr. James Nace from a Grateful Patient

Dr. Nace is caring, thoughtful, brilliant and an outstanding surgeon. He just saved my (R.) [right] leg. I had 2 surgeries on it previously, and Dr. Nace spent over 5 hours working…. He also did my (L.) [left] knee. I have never had pain in that leg since the surgery. I highly recommend him, & talk about him constantly to friends in need of a surgeon…. He is without compare. I would never see anyone else.

A Patient Story and Testimonial: Cliff Long for Dr. Robert Peroutka

Cliff Long having his knee checked by Dr. Robert PeroutkaCliff Long as his Captain Thomas Flint pirate character for a Heavy Seas Beer brewery tour

Cliff Long leads Heavy Seas Beer’s pirate-themed brewery tour in costume as the fictitious Captain Thomas Flint. After one tour, a gentleman approached him, and asked if his “pirate walk” limp was real. When Cliff confessed it was due to severe pain, Dr. Robert Peroutka of the Center for Joint Preservation and Replacement at the Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics introduced himself and explained how he might be able to help. Cliff got X-rays and went to see Dr. Peroutka, who confirmed that Cliff had a severely degenerated hip joint.

Ultimately Cliff decided to have hip replacement surgery. He shares, It was absolutely top flight--start to finish. I could not have asked for better treatment. He calls Dr. Peroutka the best on the planet. I would recommend him to anyone…. Highest marks... Highest recommendation… The new hip… has made things light years better.

When asked how the surgery had changed his life, he said, One, getting my life back. Number two…beginning to remove myself from probably one of the most horrible mental states one could be in. You are living a nightmare, but it’s not just a nightmare. It’s happening. You are incapacitated. You are in pain. So, how did it change me? It brought ME back-- a great percentage of my life, and there is no way to put a monetary value on that.

Robert M. Saltzman, M.D.

Dr. Robert Saltzman

Testimonial for Dr. Robert Saltzman from a Grateful Patient

Dr. Saltzman has been fantastic to me and my needs. Staff has been very professional, and I'm not sure where I would be today without the care and skill provided by Dr Saltzman and his team. Current firefighter/EMT, and I have been rebuilt for many more years to come.

Jacob's ankle during treatmentJacob enjoying fishing post-treatment

A Testimonial from Jacob Dryden for Dr. Noman Siddiqui

"I would like to write this post as a thank you to Dr. Noman Siddiqui. I was born with a club foot, and at the time I was born there were not many doctors that specialized in dealing/treating it. I had a good doctor for much of my life who did what he could to make sure I would be a normal, functioning kid. As I grew up I got stronger and more mobile. I wrestled from a young age, played baseball and football, and I also wanted a black belt in tae kwon do. I also wrestled in college and participated in track and field. Even though my leg and foot have not been that of a normal kid, I never gave up.

About three years ago my foot, ankle and knee began to really hurt, but with my foolish pride and stubborn ways I put off going to the doctor. My previous doctor retired and I didn't want to find a new one. Last year it became harder and harder to get around. Hunting and fishing became more of a chore than the enjoyable experience that I once knew. And work became painful and discouraging as many people started to notice my work pace slow down drastically. A local doctor recommended me to the International Center for Limb Lengthening, RIAO, Sinai Hospital. I made an appointment with Dr. Siddiqui and after going in and getting x-rays, I waited for him. He suggested a major surgery to fix my ankle that was now severely deformed, in my opinion.

Well, it's been a long road with two base surgeries and a third because of a mistake on my part, followed by a last one to remove the frame that helped stabilize my leg. It’s been almost a full year since my first surgery and I am writing this with confidence and a great appreciation to Dr. Siddiqui. This post October I went hunting for the first time since opening day of 2012 and I got my first deer of the season. Also, all summer while healing, I fished and camped and enjoyed it.

So thank you, Dr. Noman Siddiqui."

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Gracie with Dr. Standard holding artwork she made for him after super knee surgery; Gracie is in a wheelchair with a castGracie holding a basketball and a medal after she was cleared to play basketball again

Testimonial for Dr. Shawn Standard by Heather, a Patient’s Mother

I… had a list (pages long) of questions for Dr. Standard when we finally got there. He did not make fun of my list or my questions, and took the time to answer every single one. He talked in terminology that I could understand and made sure I was comfortable and grasping everything…. Dr. Standard has, by far, the most knowledge, and best bedside manner I have ever seen in a doctor in my lifetime. He includes not only me, but also Gracie in conversations. Instead of ignoring her at our appointments, he explains everything to [her] with age-appropriate information and then moves on to go over it with me…. I have never felt rushed out of an appointment or that my concerns were glossed over.

She [Gracie] receives the best possible care and has been able to run, jump and play like a typical kid. She has had 13 surgeries to date, 12 of which occurred on her leg at the Rubin Institute. Typically, this would result in a child with a major fear of hospitals and doctors, but that is not at all the case with her…. Although she’s not always happy about needing surgery or the post-op recovery, she literally jumps out of her seat to hug Dr. Standard every time she sees him…. The surgeries have done wonders for her foot and leg. Some were more visibly impactful than others, while some just internally strengthened the structure of her leg. All though have blended together to give her the opportunity to have as structurally strong of a leg and foot as possible and helped her to be able to be a typical seven-year-old. … Having confidence in the skill and trust in the surgeon is a comfort you can’t put a price tag on.

For more testimonials for Dr. Standard, please see his patient stories on the International Center for Limb Lengthening’s website.

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