Bedside Delivery Enrollment

As a courtesy to patients, the Outpatient Pharmacy at Sinai Hospital offers a free bedside prescription delivery service, saving patients a trip to their usual pharmacy by filling their prescription and bringing it to them before they leave the hospital. We accept most insurance plans for this fast, convenient service (patients are responsible for co-payments). Here's how this option can benefit you:

Convenience is key

Sometimes, your pharmacy may not have a medication you were prescribed in stock. With our bedside delivery service, you won't have to make a stop at the pharmacy on the way home. We will work with your physician to get your prescription filled, including handling any prescription drug coverage requirements such as prior authorization. This can help you avoid delays in starting your medication.

How it works

Someone from our pharmacy staff will deliver your prescription(s) to your bedside and can answer questions about your medication(s) before you leave the hospital. Let your case manager, physician or nurse know that you would like to use the bedside delivery service. You will need to complete our sign-up form and have your insurance card handy. Also, you will need to determine how you will make your co-payment; cash, credit/debit cards and flexible spending account cards are acceptable forms of payment.

Frequently asked questions

Do you accept my insurance plan?
We accept a majority of prescription insurance plans and directly bill your prescription to your insurance provider. The patient is responsible for making any co-payments required by the insurance carrier at the time of delivery.

Can my prescription be added to my hospital bill?

Prescriptions filled upon discharge cannot be added to your bill.

What forms of payment are accepted for prescriptions?

The outpatient pharmacy accepts cash, credit/debit cards or flexible spending account cards.

What if I forget to bring my insurance card to the hospital?

If you don't have your insurance card with you, we can call your usual pharmacy and obtain the insurance information needed to get your prescription filled.

How will I know when my prescription is ready?

Someone from our pharmacy staff will call and let you know when your prescription has been filled. He or she can also answer any questions and offer you counseling on your medication before delivering it to your bedside.

How to enroll

To enroll in the bedside delivery program, print and fill out the sign-up form (click here to download the form). You can either fax the form to 410-601-8188 or drop off the form at the outpatient pharmacy personally.

For more information, contact the outpatient pharmacy at 410-601-7100.