Conceptual Basis for Nursing


Nurses at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore recognize the importance of understanding and integrating the foundation for research and evidence-based practice in the organization. The Conceptual Basis for Nursing at Sinai is a compilation of models and conceptual frameworks that shape nursing practice at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore.

Patient Centered Care Model Performance Improvement Model

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Rosswurm & Larrabee Model for Evidence-Based Practice

Nurses at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore recognize that critical synthesis and thinking skills as well as evidence-based practice are essential for making clinical decisions and maximizing quality and effectiveness of care. Additionally, we understand that nurses can no longer rely solely on clinical experience and that nurses should be encouraged to question their practice and look for alternative methods that will enhance the deliver of nursing care.

By using a focus-group format in early 2005, nurses at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore chose the Rosswurm and Larrabee Model for Evidence-Based Practice to serve as a framework for EBP in the organization. The Rosswurm and Larrabee model was selected from a group of 5 models and conceptual frameworks reviewed by the group. The Rosswurm and Larrabee Model facilitates a shift from traditional nursing practice based on intuition to one steeped in scientific evidence. Ultimately, the model helps Sinai nurses integrate evidence-based changed into practice.

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