Graduate Medical Education at Sinai Hospital

Every graduate medical education (GME) program teaches you how to be technically proficient. The GME programs at Sinai Hospital teach you something more: how to be a leader.

Sinai Hospital is a world-renowned medical institution for those who dare to care bravely. It started with our founding in 1866: a 10-room hospital built to answer the needs of Jewish patients and doctors that others turned away. Today, our GME programs carry on that spirit, building leaders who can answer the call of their communities with courage, innovation, and inclusivity. Leaders like you who will transform our healthcare systems for the better.

The Sinai Difference 

Sinai gives you the tools to be a healthcare leader by delivering a more forward-thinking approach to your graduate medical education. 

Resident Focused Learning

Resident-Focused Learning

Get more hands-on learning, autonomy, and mentoring here than just about anywhere else.

Unmatched Diversity

Unmatched Diversity

Care for a more diverse patient population—one that prepares you for any career path you want to follow.

Nationally Leading Model of Care

A Nationally Leading Model of Care

Learn how to be a voice for healthcare progress as you navigate our state’s renowned population health-focused model.

A better work/life balance

A Better Work/Life Balance

Get inspired in a workplace that puts your wellness first and a city that leads the East Coast in cost-of-living value.

Fast Facts
Maryland’s largest community teaching hospital
140+ residents
Nearly 400 medical students
160+ full-time faculty members
800 voluntary attending physicians

Join Us --- and Prepare to Lead