Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy Services

Meeting your spiritual needs is an important part of the healing process. To this end, Sinai Hospital accommodates the spiritual needs of individuals of all faiths.

You can request clergy visits by calling the Office of Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy Services at 410-601-9680 or extension 29680 from inside the hospital. During evenings and weekends, please inform your nurse if there is an emergency need for a chaplain.

The chapel is located on the first floor corridor between the main hospital and the Blaustein Building. It is open at all times with Bibles and devotional materials available.  

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Observant Jewish Patients

Sinai Hospital has been in the mainstream of Jewish thought and tradition for more than 140 years. With strict adherence to Jewish law, we assure observant patients that spiritual and medical needs are treated with equal concern. As such:

  • Fresh glatt kosher food is prepared daily.
  • Sabbath candles, challah, grape juice, Chumashim (Bibles) and Sidhurim (prayer books) are available.
  • Manual bells for Shabbat are available to summon nurses.
  • Signatures are not required when Jewish law prohibits writing; your word is enough.
  • A Shabbat/Holy Day entrance and elevator are available on Shabbat from Friday sunset to Saturday sundown and on Holy Days from sunset of the first day to sundown of the last day.
  • Accommodations can be arranged for family members to stay with you during Shabbat if medical attention and/or space permit.
  • Jewish holiday rituals are observed.
  • Sinai Hospital is within the eruv.
  • Bikur Cholim visitations serve Jewish patients in addition to the Jewish Chaplains on staff.
  • Sinai Hospital’s senior chaplain is a Rabbi.