Advancing Nursing Practice

Advancing Nursing Practice


The Sinai Center for Nursing Advancement is dedicated to the pursuit of nursing scholarship and professional development for nurses at all levels across the Sinai Hospital organization. Under the leadership of Chief Nursing Officer, the Center was created to provide ongoing education and development through a variety of processes and partnerships with schools and organizations across the Baltimore-Washington region.

The mission of the Sinai Center for Nursing Advancement is to enhance nursing practice and augment the provision of high quality healthcare by sharing evidence-based knowledge from both the clinical and administrative domains.

Sinai Hospital Auxiliary Nursing Lectureship

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The Sinai Hospital Auxiliary Nursing Lectureship provides Sinai nurses with an opportunity to learn from the region's greatest nurse clinicians and researchers. Monthly presentations in the Zamoiski Auditorium provide nurses with cutting edge, evidence-based information that impacts their practice and advances their understanding of both clinical and non-clinical issues of importance to nurses. Nurses in attendance receive a wonderful lunch and continuing education credit.

Clinical Practice Lecture Series

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The Clinical Practice Lecture Series (CPLS) serves as a forum for both seasoned nurse presenters and novice nurse presenters to share their clinical expertise with their colleagues. The CPLS is offered every other Thursday from 8 AM to 9 AM in the Gann Conference Room at Sinai Hospital. The sessions are held at 8 AM so that nurses working the 7PM - 7AM shift can attend. Contemporary clinical information supported by sound scientific evidence is presented. Participants typically receive continuing education credit for attending the lectures.

Professional Development Fund

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The Professional Development Fund (PDF) is a budgeted funding source for direct-care nurses across the organization to support certification, re-certification, and conference attendance. Nurses are able to apply for up to $350 per year in professional development funding. Applicant nurses must demonstrate, through a "point system" that they have made sufficient independent efforts to enhance their professional development though unit-based, hospital-wide, or community programs. Once nurses reach 50 points (various activities are allotted weighted points), they may submit the PDF application to receive funding for specific professional development opportunities.

Clinical Ladder

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Sinai Hospital supports professional advancement through the Clinical Ladder program. Nurses are able to progress up the ladder at their own pace, assuming greater responsibility at each level. The Clinical Leader role, the pinnacle of the ladder, affords nurses the opportunity to gain administrative or educator experience while still maintaining their clinical skills as a direct care provider.

Registered Nurse I

  • Conducts and documents initial and ongoing assessment and gathers data relevant to the patient's/family's needs.
  • Collaborates with other nurses and interdisciplinary colleagues to develop the patient's plan of care using the nursing process.
  • Identifies discharge planning needs.
  • Implements, documents, and provides care and education based on plan of care.
  • Contributes to unit education initiatives by identifying needs, planning programs and evaluating effectiveness of learning.
  • Serves as advisor, resource, and leader for other team members. May serve as charge nurse.

Registered Nurse II

  • Demonstrates advanced proficiency and skill with all components of RN I role
  • Serves as advisor, resource, preceptor, and leader for other team members.
  • Leads in-services, unit/hospital committees, and meetings.
  • Coordinator of care for the interdisciplinary team using expert knowledge and critical thinking
  • Initiates and participates in performance improvement and research activities.

Clinical Leader

  • Demonstrates advanced proficiency and skill with all components of RN II role.
  • Demonstrates clinical expertise using the nursing process.
  • Assists in providing overall direction and coordination of shift operations.
  • Facilitates change.
  • Manages human and material resources effectively.
  • Plans and coordinates educational and professional development for staff.

Sinai - University of Maryland School of Nursing Scholars Program

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Each semester, Sinai places multiple individual senior nursing students in clinical areas of their choice for a first-hand clinical experience. Each student works closely with a BSN-prepared registered nurse (RN) preceptor over the course of a semester to gain knowledge, practice, and invaluable insights into the role of the RN. As part of our exciting partnership agreement with the University of Maryland's School of Nursing, students designated as "scholars" are offered tuition support from Sinai in return for a commitment to join the organization upon graduation.

"Scholars" are high-achieving, well-rounded senior students who are chosen with care and placed in areas in which they are interested in pursuing a career. These students not only finish their final semester learning from and working with Sinai's best, they also gain tangible experience and a true comfort level on a unit where they will begin orientation after graduation and successful completion of their N-CLEX licensure exam.

On-Site RN-BSN Program

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Life-long learning is an expectation at Sinai Hospital. Sinai Hospital provides a variety of formal and informal programs to augment or continue nursing education. For those nurses interested in pursuing a BSN, we offer an on-site RN-BSN program. Through a long-standing partnership with Villa Julie College's nursing program and faculty, we provide monthly on-site information sessions, individual advisement, and even classes on site!

School has truly "come to work" for many nurses wishing to complete their baccalaureate nursing degree in a convenient, supportive, familiar environment. Nurses can attend classes three ways, either on-site at the hospital when the topic and interest allow, online in the comfort of their own homes, or on Villa Julie's campus for those who prefer the tried-and-true feel of a traditional classroom setting. The college provides a warm, individualized approach for busy professionals, and Sinai's nurses (and patients) have benefited from this wonderful opportunity to continue their education and complete their degree.

Leadership at both campuses supports the partnership through flexible scheduling, generous tuition reimbursement, and recognition of staff's efforts and accomplishments.