Sinai Hospital Free Wireless Internet Access

Patients, friends or family members can access the Internet while on the Sinai Hospital campus using their personal laptop computer by following these Sinai Hospital Free Internet Accesssteps:

  • Open your Internet browser of choice
  • Review the rules of the CyberCafe and click “agree” when prompted to do so
  • Log on as a guest

Once access to the Internet is granted, patients can check e-mail, surf the Web, update a CarePage or complete project work.

Over 200 access points were installed throughout Sinai’s campus enabling patients or visitors to access the Internet from virtually anywhere on the hospital’s campus. In order to preserve internal security, a separate network was dedicated for guest users, ensuring that no patient or confidential information is accessible.

In the event that a guest user experiences difficulty while using the wireless system, the
hospital cannot provide technical support for those with computer problems.

The hospital assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to your personal computer should you bring it with you while a patient at Sinai Hospital.