Sinai Nursing


Message from our CNO

"Our vision is clear - To create a destination hospital where employees choose to work, physicians choose  to bring their patients and where patients seek their care. Moving forward is ever so important in our constantly changing health care universe wherein data transparency and value based care drive an increasing number of hospital decisions. Since the quality and reliability of nursing care outcomes are central to the discussion, our performance must be reflective of positive movement toward those goals and our vision." 

Nurses at Sinai are part of a team that makes quality patient care a reality. Each nurse is empowered to make a real difference in people's lives. Our nurses are engaged in interdisciplinary collaboration and are a distinguished medical and nursing staff – many internationally renowned in their field. In addition, our nurses have tremendous opportunities to learn and to experience healthcare advancements at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore.


We pride ourselves on a customized orientation that complements your areas of need and gets you on the road to success… And because we have one of the regions most progressive learning environments, we have the resources to deliver on that promise.


Our strong belief in lifelong learning and education gives us a university hospital atmosphere. We have affiliations with several nursing schools and are Maryland ’s only community-based hospital with independent residency teaching programs.

Nurses advance their career through clinical mentoring, publishing, presentation mentorships with Advanced Practice Nurses and others, professional certification study groups, Nursing Grand Rounds, Clinical Practice Lecture Series, and enrollment in formal academic programs. Nurses earn CEs through a variety of on-campus opportunities.Smiling Nurses


Many of our nurses are active leaders in local, national and international nursing organizations, lecture at professional conferences around the world, participate in unit-based research, and author textbooks and articles for professional journals. We are distinguished by a dynamic clinical environment and a positive milieu in which professional nursing practice is supported.


At Sinai Hospital, we recognize the complex nature of contemporary nursing practice and the important role that leadership skills play in your success as a Registered Nurse.  To ensure that our nurses are able to meet the assorted challenges associated with nursing in a complex organization, multiple educational sessions and workshops that build and refine leadership skills are offered throughout the year.

Research and Evidence-Based Practice:

Nursing practice based on contemporary science is a way of life at Sinai. Our nurses have access to a multitude of consultants and resources including advanced practice nurses, nurse researchers, full text online nursing journals, and a variety of other tools to help ensure that their practice is based on the best available evidence. For nurses who have a special interest in nursing research, a Nursing Research Internship and membership on the Nursing Research Council are available.


Sinai nurses are highly regarded and well respected by their colleagues throughout the organization. Interdisciplinary relationships are prominent in our Patient-Centered Care delivery model and are instrumental in the development of our strong team of healthcare providers. Our nurses will tell you that their job is more than a paycheck. The genuine respect they receive from team members and from nursing and medical leadership gives each nurses a strong sense of belonging. There’s no greater reward then working together with a highly qualified team and knowing that your individual contribution is appreciated.


Support for Sinai nurses is everywhere! We embrace an environment where nurses help nurses. We help each other grow in our profession and offer creative and unique amenities that support work-life balance.


Sinai embraces diversity! Nurses from around the world and all walks of life help make Sinai a great place to work. We embrace the “salad bowl” philosophy where nurses with diverse cultural histories are “mixed together” to create our stellar Sinai workforce but at the same time, each nurse is encouraged and supported to retain their own unique characteristics – similar to the tomatoes, lettuce, and onions in a salad!


Sinai has developed strong community ties with a variety of organizations, and as a result is viewed as a significant contributor to Baltimore’s high quality of life.  In all cases these relationships have been mutually beneficial and frequently result in opportunities to advance the knowledge and practice of our nurses.