Sinai Patient Personal Items and Valuables

Personal Items and ValuablesWe strongly recommend and encourage that a patient’s personal belongings be sent home with family members when possible. The hospital is not responsible for any belongings that you decide to keep in your room including, but not limited to, dentures, eyeglasses, hearing aids or any prosthetic devices. If possible, please send items such as jewelry, cash and credit cards home with loved ones. Should you need a place to put your valuables, please contact your nurse.

Valuables may be placed in the Security department during your stay and will be retrieved at the time of discharge. When not in use, dentures, glasses and hearing aids should be placed in plastic containers that may be obtained on the unit. Please do not wrap these items in tissue paper and do not place them on meal trays or in the bed. Since electronic devices, such as radios and cell phones, have been known to interfere with medical equipment, we ask that you not bring them into the hospital. The hospital will not assume financial responsibility for your belongings.