Sinai Volunteer Quotes

left quoteI love volunteering because I use my office skills in two departments. I volunteer because the experience has helped me make new friends and improve my computer skills.right quote

Beth, volunteer in Human Resources

left quoteWhy do I volunteer? It’s because I really love what I do! Working in the PACU   
(Post Anesthesia Care Unit) or Recovery Room has afforded me the opportunity to help others and learn so much about medicine and patient care. The nurses, doctors and medical staff are my friends and I’m treated as one of the team. Being a people oriented person, this position suits me to a tee. That’s why I volunteer at Sinai and am coming up on my 20th year of service.right quote

Harry, volunteer in PACU

left quoteMy motivation came from knowing I would get community service hours. My dedication came from seeing how much my help was appreciated. My completion comes with the knowledge and skills I have gained. Thank you Sinai for giving me the most priceless feeling: accomplishment. I truly feel that I received more than I gave.right quote

Miriam, student volunteer in Labor and Delivery.